Jockum Klenell was born 1978 in Stockholm. Raised in Buenos Aires, Rotterdam and Antwerp, with a few years in Barcelona and Lisbon squeezed in between. Having studied photography at Grisart in Barcelona Jockum continued his studies at The Royal Academy of fine arts in Antwerp, where he graduated with Honors in 2006.

Jockum style is Scandinavian calm, honest and straightforward, observant and respectful of esthetics and natural beauty. Elegance is key. He strives to bring a natural feel to his images and he is equally strong in bringing out frailty as well as strength in his subjects, whether they are models or landscapes.

His clients include Samsonite, Kipling, Scapa World, Lx at AM. And his work has been published in various magazines such as Marie Claire, ELLE and Vice magazine.